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The Swanage Railway

I seem to have this memory from being a child under 8 years old of visiting the Swanage Railway and finding the steam trains there kind of magical.

I travel on trains quite a lot – living in Ascot where no one else lives, you have to travel to see your friends – so you wouldn’t think rail travel would be that special to me.

Well, you’d be wrong.

At the end of March, I visited Dorset for Easter and my sister’s Hen Party and wedding (which were all fantastic!). These events meant that I was in Dorset for the better part of eleven days, which felt like my longest bout of freedom for a very long time. I therefore needed something to fill my time in between those exciting events and my memories of steam engines in the Dorset countryside came to mind.

Something I hadn’t realised until recently is that you can get the steam train from Swanage to Corfe Castle and back, which provides an excellent platform for a day out.

Having done this trip now as a twentysomething, I have to say I can’t recommend it enough. We parked in Swanage and walked over to the train station, just in time to catch the 11:20 train over to Corfe Castle. We went right to the front of the train and found these awesome Hogwarts-style compartments which we sat in, undisturbed by anyone other than the ticket officer (and not a Dementor in sight).


At Corfe Castle station there is a museum which is pretty cool and retro; definitely worth a look, even if it’s just for 5 minutes while you wait for a train. The castle itself is a short walk from the station and, as a member of the National Trust, entry was free which is a huge bonus for a day out.

IMG_4845 (1)

There are some incredible views of the surrounding area, including a good viewpoint to watch the steam train chug off into the distance. For children, as with all National Trust properties, there is loads to do, including a little treasure hunt with facts about the castle. For adults, it’s fun to explore and on a beautiful day, like we had, there is so much to see. We’re total history geeks, but I think non-history geeks would have a great time too.

FullSizeRender (8)

There are quite a few places to eat in Corfe Castle, or you can head back to Swanage to spend more of your day exploring the town and enjoying the beach there. Instead, we took the ferry over from the Purbecks to Poole and went to the Kitchen at Poole Park for a late lunch which was totally delicious.

All in all it was a perfect day out and I can’t wait for my next visit so I can explore more of my childhood memories on the Jurassic Coast.


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Life Update

I’ve finally decided to go to university.

Those of you who know me will know that I applied for uni during my ‘gap year’, deferred my entry and then ended up not going at all. This was mostly because I had found a job that I really enjoyed and wanted to explore as a career option. Also, to be frank, the idea of earning money held much more interest to me than spending money on a degree that wouldn’t get me anywhere – I had previously applied to study Creative Writing with Theatre Studies.

So why now?

Well, there are a few reasons. I’ve come to a point where I feel a bit stuck; there is no opportunity for me to raise my game and be promoted above others if I don’t specialise or find what I’m truly passionate about. In order to move forward I feel like I need to get the proper qualifications. I have 5 years’ experience working full-time and that will benefit me hugely when I graduate from university as I’ll have the experience and the qualifications to back up any job applications.

My Offers – apologies for the bad quality image!!

When I went to Australia it was because I was so caught up in my little bubble that I was forgetting to live my life. Now that I’ve learned that life can be diverse and interesting, I need to do something that will help me get further with it. After experience, you gain knowledge and learning helps to cement that knowledge.

I don’t think going to university is the be all and end all – I fully realise that I will have to make a huge effort to get into my chosen career field once I leave university and literally start at the bottom to make way up. It’s not a free pass. Honestly? I’m looking forward to it. I want to be challenged and I want to move forward. I’m bored of not using my brain.

So that’s it. My life update.

Perhaps in my next post I’ll talk a little bit more about my chose course and why I’ve chosen it, but for now, I am riding the high of my success – without any apologies.


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