FullSizeRender (6)I was reading through a previous idea for a blog while I was setting up this page where, in my About Me section, I described myself as suffering from Acute Comfortableness. For a long time this was the reason I never did anything different or adventurous ā€“ I was, put simply, happy with my life as it was.

In July 2014 I moved to Melbourne, Australia. I went without a plan and at first I struggled, but once I’d got into the swing of things, I ended up having the absolute best time. I met so many awesome people and had experiences that my old self would never have embraced. I worked in hospitality, something totally out of my comfort zone. I feel like I really changed for the better.

I like documenting my adventures.

My life may not be quite as interesting as some other people’s but I have fun and I love trying out new things, particularly restaurants I’ve had recommended to me, or little experiences I’ve had that I’ve enjoyed and think other people will enjoy too.

Iā€™d love to hear your feedback about what you read, and also suggestions for what you might like me to write. Feel free to email me ā€“ info@suburbanservings.com.


Many thanks to…

Victoria Welton of www.vevivos.com who came up with the name Suburban Servings during a driving lesson.

Ash Springle of www.ashspringle.com who helped immensely with the building of my website.