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The EU Referendum

I wanted to write something to express my disappoint with what happened today. I feel like if I were to post something like this on my wall on Facebook, it would be too in your face and I’m not writing this to get at anyone in particular but I do have a voice and I […]

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The Swanage Railway

I seem to have this memory from being a child under 8 years old of visiting the Swanage Railway and finding the steam trains there kind of magical. I travel on trains quite a lot – living in Ascot where no one else lives, you have to travel to see your friends – so you […]

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Life Update

I’ve finally decided to go to university. Those of you who know me will know that I applied for uni during my ‘gap year’, deferred my entry and then ended up not going at all. This was mostly because I had found a job that I really enjoyed and wanted to explore as a career […]

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The Lobster Roll

I posted about a month ago about my love for lobster rolls, with a little international tour of some of the lobster rolls I have had in Melbourne, London and Singapore. I left a little taster at the end saying I would post a recipe for my version of lobster rolls for you to try […]

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It’s All About Lobster Rolls

Some of you who know me, or follow me on social media may have been alerted to a little obsession of mine. And when I say alerted, I mean I’ve been somewhat forcing it down your throat since the summer. This obsession, however, goes back a little way, probably to my Melbourne days when Schupp […]

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