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The EU Referendum

I wanted to write something to express my disappoint with what happened today. I feel like if I were to post something like this on my wall on Facebook, it would be too in your face and I’m not writing this to get at anyone in particular but I do have a voice and I deserve to make it heard. Leaving it here means that no one has to read it if they don’t want to but I will have it here forever to reflect on the events of this historic referendum.

Today, my generation were cheated. We lost our voice.

I’ve read so many Facebook statuses of my ‘leave’ friends who have simply told us to ‘get over it’ or ‘you lost, there is nothing you can do’ ‘don’t be so aggressive’ some have said. Sadder still, I have Facebook friends who are regretting their decision because they simply believed what was in front of them and did not do their research.

We are allowed to mourn our loss in this referendum. You have voted to change the face of our future; don’t tell us not to be unhappy about that. We, along with 16 million other Brits, voted for a different outcome. Almost half the voting population of this country did not want this outcome.

That is not democracy.

The very meaning of democracy is that we are involved in making the decisions that will affect us. Half of the country have now been told that their opinion doesn’t matter. It doesn’t count. Why, then, do you tell us not to mourn this?

This was not a fair fight. In a campaign marred by propaganda (on both sides) and scare mongering. Not everyone who voted leave are racists or idiots; in fact a very small minority of this country fall into that category. But what has been missed is that the campaign was the most misinformed campaign in history. All those ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ that were being thrown at us? Where did they come from? There hasn’t been enough time to gather realistic projections on what this will do to our future. There is so much fog surrounding it.

To vote remain was the most logical course of action for anyone who was unsure because it would have bought us time for a proper exit strategy. With a Prime Minister who announced this referendum with a heavy heart, how could a country stay strong after that?

David Cameron had no choice but to resign. He’s not a coward, he was just left with no option following his attitude to the referendum. If he hadn’t resigned, he would have been at the head of a country, leading a cause he didn’t believe in. That would have made him a hypocrite – and if you’d been happy with that, you too would be a hypocrite.

I was genuinely heartbroken when I watched Cameron’s speech this morning. I know he may not be the most likeable man, but which politician is? Can you honestly say that Michael Gove or Boris Johnson would make a better PM? When Cameron was voted back into office last year, we knew he would be the leader. When half of this country chose to vote leave, they were voting for an uncertain future.

I challenge anyone who voted leave to tell me that they would not have thrown all of their toys out of the pram of the vote had gone differently. My friends who voted ‘leave’ were THE MOST vocal of anyone on Facebook and Twitter during the campaign. Be real. You would have reacted in exactly the same way as we have if you had not won. That’s human nature. You will always be upset by defeat and Facebook gives us an easy outlet for that sadness/rage/irritation.

75% of my generation of voters voted to remain in the EU. We are the ones who will inherit any negative impacts that will come to pass from this snap decision. In a single day, this ‘Great’ Britain you voted for has begun to fall apart. Nicola Sturgeon has announced that Scotland are discussing another independence referendum. Northern Ireland could possibly follow. Soon we will be this tiny island of confused humans with no sense of direction.

We have lost the ability to travel freely and easily to our neighbours; to work in 27 different countries without expensive visas. You may not want to travel to or live somewhere else, but we do. Those were options we had in our future, options that will no longer be as open to us as before.

Our economy will probably recover from this. Our economy may even be better down the line but we have no evidence of that yet. The evidence is in looking at what happened this morning. The FTSE was down by 8.7%. That’s the lowest it’s been in seven years (yes, the last time was during the recession). How is that a good thing? When I went to bed last night the pound was the strongest it’s been all year. Don’t tell us not to mourn that.

I respect your right to vote in a way you see fit but I do not respect being told that I can’t be upset because we didn’t win what we deem to be an unfair race. I do not accept that you don’t want to hear my, and my peers, voices of malcontent.

You owe us; you have saddled us with this future that we did not choose.

Let us mourn.

I accept the result of this referendum. We can’t change it now so we must look to move forward. The next few months will be the make up of Britain and what its future may hold, but for the next few days, please just let us mourn our loss.

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